I Like to FISH .....   but...
                                      I Like to CATCH FISH even more..lol
Rainbow, Splake and Salmon
Lake Simcoe 
Georgian Bay 
Literally Piles and Piles of Fish
And still more..lol  Got you convinced yet? OK then read on.
Can't bring them to the table like that .....
you have to clean them first, better yet, fillet 'em.
  Georgian Bay..
Ontario Canada
I fish for trout & salmon on the southwest side, from Owen Sound to the east end of Wasaga Beach. (See Green map)
For bass, pike and walleye, I go to the southeast side, in Matchedash Bay (see Fesserton), the lee (east) side of Beausoleil Island, and the inland eddies around Honey Harbour, South Bay, Crooked Bay and etc. (Blue map)
 and Finally, here's is the # 1 BEST Way to cook your fish.. 
 (The Barbecued Salmon -baked, is the absolute BEST I have ever tasted)

BARBECUED SALMON ..(will work for any fish in the Trout/Salmon family)

Heat in a saucepan to melt and blend 
2/3 Cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cups Soya Sauce
1 Cup Butter
Juice from 1 lemon -fresh squeezed (do Not use concentrated Lemon Juice)
(I have kept the marinade in the freezer for up to a year, using it for small batches)

Salmon Fillets .. Barbecue with skin on, skin side down and do not turn
Salmons Steaks may require turning.  Cook until done,  10 to 15 minutes
(when Instant Reading Thermometer in thickest part of flesh reads 120 degrees
your fish is done, or when flesh has lost its transparency or will flake apart.

To B.B.Q. - Baste with sauce 2-3 times during cooking
                      (... and my preferred method)
To BAKE -  Marinate in sauce 10 - 15 minutes, 
                     (I cut the salmon fillet into cubes, 1"-2" size)
                     then bake on cookie sheet. ( at about 350 - 375F)

                          Serve with additional sauce and lemon wedges
                          No muss no fuss ... simply delicious hot or cold.


                 Leftovers are great in sandwiches    .... OR 

Flake 3 Cups Barbecued or baked Salmon or other fish (see above recipe)
Mix with 1 cup Mayonaise
              1 Cup Sour Cream
               Chopped Parsley or Chives 
               Blend well
Serve Chilled as DIP for crackers or tortilla chips. 


Whisk together  until smooth    1 1/2 Bottles beer   (341 ML size bottles)
                                                  2 Cups Flour
                                                  1 Egg
                                                  1 Tsp. Salt
                          ... Batter should be thin, like Hotcake batter ...
Cut fish into bite-size pieces,
Cover with batter
Cook in 180 degree Oil until Golden Brown
Keep thermometer in fat at all times.  Too hot an oil will burn the batter.
Keep testing and tasting (along with the leftover beer)
Serve as soon as possible with seafood sauce and lemon wedges

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